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Welcome to Billiard Depot

Billiard Depot is the premier site for top-quality home leisure sports equipment. If it's played on a table we do it, and we do it in style! From pool tables to pool cues, tennis to hockey, or bar tables to bar stools, we've got it all.

  • Accessories

    We offer wide range of billiard and game room accessories. Wherever you looking for a set of billiard balls or a new cue rack, table cover or decorative piece for your game room we have it all.
  • Air Hockey

    Air Hockey is one of those games that requires very little skill and thus can be enjoyed if you are 7 or 70 years old. We offer both home and commercial grade tables by all the top manufacturers like SuperChexx, Carrom, Shelti and others.
  • Billiards

    Billiard table is a cornerstone of every game room. You will find both pool and snooker tables in different styles, brands and price ranges, that will be enjoyed by your friends and family.
  • Board Games

    Chess, checkers, backgammon, just to name a few games that can be enjoyed in comfort of your own home. Stimulate your brain and just have plain old fun with these board games.
  • Casino

    If you are looking to buy a poker or blackjack table or just a set of poker chips and cards for your home casino, we have it all. We offer custom made tables and chips that will make your game room a unique feel.
  • Cue Cases

    Wherever you own a beginner cue or a high end custom one, you will need a secure way of storing and transporting it. We offer cases in all shapes and sizes that hold as many cues as you require.
  • Darts

    Darts is one of the fastest growing bar and home games in the World. Start your own in house league with variety of of professional dart boards, darts and various accessories.
  • Foosball

    It does not matter if you call it foosball, soccer or getonni, it's still one of the most exciting and fast paced games. We carry all the top Italian made tables that aren't only fun but also durable and safe.
  • Furniture

    A comfortable pub table with couple of chairs creates a unique feel to every game room. Equip your house with comfortable furniture that will make all you guests and family feel welcome and enjoy their time.
  • Lighting

    Billiard light will not only provide a proper playing conditions for a pool table, but will also complete the look of the room. Available in different materials, colors and shapes, we are sure you will find perfect one.
  • Ping Pong

    Put down that video game and grab a ping pong paddle. Table tennis requires good reflexes, hand and eye coordination and conditioning. Play the game with your friends or just practice on your own, either way you will have a great time and exercise.
  • Pool Cues

    A good billiard cue can turn beginner in to amateur and amateur in to professional. Pick up the cue from all the top manufacturers and with enough practice you can take your game to the next level.
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